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The bulgarian fraud": A Bulgarian interview

An interview in Bulgarian with writer and Journalist Elyau Eshed about his graphic novel The Bulgarian Fraud " which describe ca Russian conspiracy to destroy the freedom of Bulgarya via a cyber war.

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!The Bulgarian Fraud” – Chapter 6 – The Target – Sofia in flames

Today when Russian dictator Putin is increasing threat on Bulgaria here is a part from a suspense novel about his attempts to destroy Bulgaria from inside via foreign spies:"THE BULGARIAN FRAUD the suspence story which is happening right now! … עוד

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Bulgaria is forever:A chapter from the thriller “The Bulgarian Fraud

\   Painted by Vladik Sandler Bulgaria is  Forever – Another chapter from “The Bulgarian Fraud” Summary of the story The story is based on the author's imagination. Any connection between the story and reality is purely coincidental. Chapter 5 – Bulgaria is   Forever The emblem of Bulgaria's National Security Agency, SANS It's been […]

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The Bulgarian Fraud/Eli Eshed – “The Graphic Novel

Thanks to Nick Rosen The Bulgarian Fraud/Eli Eshed – “The Graphic Novel” Lately, I've been working on this suspense and espionage novel – the plot is based on various real events and on current ones taking place at the moment in Russia and in East Europe and their implications, in all that concerns Israel. The […]