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!The Bulgarian Fraud” – Chapter 6 – The Target – Sofia in flames

Today when Russian dictator Putin is increasing threat on Bulgaria here is a part from a suspense novel about his attempts to destroy Bulgaria from inside via foreign spies:"THE BULGARIAN FRAUD the suspence story which is happening right now! … עוד

Story summary


The story is based on the author's imagination.

Any connection between the story and reality is purely coincidental.

Bulgaria is under a threat. A group of dangerous foreign and Bulgarian conspirators plot to destroy the hard work of generations of Bulgarians and turn a free country into a province of slaves under the iron grip of a great foreign power. The group of dangerous super terrorists includes Bulgarian businessmen and Russian politicians and spies, as well as an Israeli expert specializing in cyber terrorism – he also works as a lecturer at a Bulgarian University. What is their target? The demise of Bulgaria! Will they succeed in their demonic conspiracy? A small group of Bulgarian and Israeli agents are the only ones that can stop this terrible conspiracy. But everything and everybody is against them Objective  Sofia in flams!

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The Bulgarian Fraud” – Chapter 6 – The Target – Sofia in flames

A chapter from the thriller “The Bulgarian Fraud”, which is now being adapted into a comic book album format.

What started as the malicious deception of an Israeli journalist by his so called 'friend' in Bulgaria that promised him the world on a platter…while his money disappears without a trace…turns out to be not just one of the many usual fraud felonies in Bulgaria, but just the opening act of a diabolical scheme of shady factors against the Bulgarian Republic, as well as against the state of Israel…

“The Bulgarian Fraud” is a fictional suspense novel that is based on the most current political events in Eastern Europe and in Israel – I describe an affair that is comprised of  a Russian scheme against Israel and against Bulgaria.

The scheme is lead by an Israeli – a businessman and lecturer at a Bulgarian University, he deals with real-estate and is a crook which stole money from his trusting friends and used these finances in order to establish a dangerous international firm that deals with cyber-warfare and Internet espionage. The man works a spy for the Russians in Bulgaria and in Israel and his role is to facilitate the means of turning both countries into members of the Russian Federation and obedient slaves under Russian dictatorship.

The scheme is executed via the cyber warfare company, who's role is to destroy the Internet activity and the technological infrastructure of both countries. This is something which the Israeli businessman has already pulled off in the past in Estonia and in Georgia, by sabotaging their Internet infrastructure.

Will this diabolical scheme succeed?

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The Russian Conspiracy-

Bulgaria is forever

The Target – Sofia in flames

It was late night in Moscow; the lights have been off for quite a while, except for one place: the Kremlin, where the lights are never turned off. Not even late at night. Behind the desk was the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, his face grimmer than ever. Other high-ranking officials were sitting around the table, such as Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, and others.

putin 0

The President started speaking in his quiet voice:

Gentlemen, we must decide what we should do in regards to Bulgaria. The situation in the Muslim world is worsening. Erdogan's Turkey is standing tall. They've already announced that they're planning to turn the Presidency into some kind of lifetime Sultanate. Erdogan has already proclaimed appointing his son as his heir. And they're planning to wage war against us.

Under these circumstances, we must bring Bulgaria, which borders with Turkey, back to us.

It must cease being a member of the EU and of NATO and remain loyal to us all along the road towards the final battle with Turkey, which will surely take place in the future.

But they refuse…their leaders have declared that they wish to remain NATO members and that they're afraid of us. As far as we're concerned, Bulgaria is a denotative bomb that may go off at any given moment. Their policy is regarded as a threat to the Russian Federation.


What do  you suggest we do concerning the Bulgarians? It's time we teach them a good and final lesson that they'll never forget – one shouldn't mess with the Russian Federation. But we must not use violence with them. They are Christian, even though they are half Turkish and only half Slavic.

We should save our aggression for the Turks. 

borttenikov 1

Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, the Russian Federation's security service lifted his head from his files. He seemed like but another gray Russian bureaucrat. Yet there was something menacing about his voice, which inflicted fear among most people sitting around the table, most of which being Silovic people, the right-wing Kremlin group that supported reinforcing the cold war against the west.

Bortnikov said: the fact that the Bulgarians even considered leaving the custody of Mother Russia, after we've supported them and protected them all along hundreds of years without asking for anything in return…We're the ones that liberated them from the Turks during the 19th century…

This is no less than betrayal and a betrayal should receive a harsh and accurate response in order to warm people. There's no way around this – Sofia must be made an example for the rest of the world to see just what can happen when any country betrays Mother Russia, and this can be a good opportunity to demonstrate our abilities to the whole world, particularly to the United States, China, Turkey and Iran. Sofia must be severely damaged and I am dead serious about this. I suggest we run a campaign like the one we once launched in Estonia and in Georgia – as soon as they became too proud and forgot all about respecting the Russian Federation. And this situation was resolved with minimal bloodshed and plenty of damage to these countries, all of which was achieved without deploying nearly a single soldier.

The President inquired: destroying their Internet services? I want Sofia to be engulfed in flames for betraying us! We have people on location that can do that.

Code name: Dimitrios

Bortnikov pulled out a briefcase, from which he took out a photograph of “the fat guy”

vladic fat man

The guy that did executed the activities for us in Georgia and in Estonia, which showed the residents there once and for all that Russia must be respected, is an Israeli residing in Bulgaria.

This is one of our senior agents, a guy that serves as a lecturer on matters of terrorism in Bulgaria. His code name is “Dimitrios”.

 A Coffin for Dimitrios.4

Our man in Bulgaria as an avid collector of espionage literature and names himself after the protagonist of a book by Eric Ambler, which looks like him physically. The fictional character has conned his friends and carried out an assassination in Bulgaria. Our fat guy must be identifying with him.

The President wondered: A lecturer on terrorism who is himself a terrorist?  To what extent can we actually trust this guy?

Bortnikov responded: Mister President, any act done for the sake of Mother Russia is not an act of terrorism. He owns one of the leading companies in the world in the field of Internet espionage and he can be trusted, because I know that he obtained the seed money for establishing his company by embezzling money from his friends. If he ever double-crosses us, he will pay dearly for this. He shall execute “Operation Bayezid” for us.

Putin inquired: “Bayezid? Isn't that the name of a Turkish Sultan?

Bortnikov answered: Indeed it is. This was the Ottoman Sultan that conquered Bulgaria, placing it under five hundred years of Turkish rule, showing them that one better not “mess” with great powers. The Israeli shall take his place, after five hundred years, reminding the Bulgarians of their exact location.  

Putin nodded: Go for it. Make it clear to the Bulgarians, once and for all, that there's only one mother, Mother Russia, of course.

Or else:


He put on dark sunglasses and left the room.


After the meeting, Bortnikov sat down and had a talk with his FSB deputy.

And what shall we do with the Israeli at the end of the operation, when Sofia is in flames?

Bortnikov asked: Victor, what do you suggest?

Deputy Director Victor Kolmogorov hunched up his shoulders and grumbled: Obviously, somebody does have to pay the price for an operation of such magnitude. This won't be a small-scale operation like back then in Estonia or in Georgia, but this is going to be an operation on an unimaginable magnitude.

And it must not be linked to the Russian Federation, in any way. At the end of the day, we want the Bulgarians back in the arms of Mother Russia, rather than having them hate us.  We must give them somebody else to blame and hate.

In my opinion, at the end of the operation it will be necessary to expose “Dimitrios” to the Bulgarians and to the entire world and blame not just him, but all Israelis and Jews in Sofia and in Bulgaria for taking part in a conspiracy against Bulgaria. They would make the perfect scapegoats for the Bulgarians.

When the NIS, Bulgaria's National Intelligence Service begin investigating the clues we shall provide them, they will discover that “Dimitrios” had problems with the Bulgarian University he was teaching at. They found out, several years later , that he's a crook and that he's been swindling people with his real-estate deals, so they decided to fire him. In response, he decided to avenge all of Bulgaria. He did so under the service of the Israelis.  

What I thus suggest is this – as Sofia is engulfed in flames, our men in Sofia will begin organized riots against the representatives of these communities. During these riots the Israeli embassy shall be torched and burned down to the ground, by accident, of course, and it is advisable to finish off some of the people in it, during the process.

We shall also commence an operation of exposing Jews and Israelis and annihilating their businesses. We shall begin with the ones revealing themselves via special websites for Israelis in Bulgaria, and from there we shall proceed to the others, as much as necessary. Bulgarian Jews shall also get hurt during these riots.  There's a need to present them as traitors that betrayed the Bulgarians who saved them during the Holocaust. 

In Israel cries of despair shall be heard, though not for too long. As you may know, even in Israel, Israelis in Bulgaria have a reputation of being professional con-men and traitors, an image which our friend “Dimitrios” has given a unique contribution to, with all of his acts of deception throughout the years, against various Israeli friends. Beyond a few cries of agony, they wouldn't dare upset Bulgaria or Russia too much. 

Bortnikov pondered: It is a possibility, but I must remind you that we have plans for “Dimitrios” in Israel as well, where he's supposed to help us against the 'Mosad' agents. Getting rid of him too soon could prove to be a big mistake.  

We shall decide, when the time comes, according to his success. If he fails in his operation, we'll make sure he is assassinated on the spot. If he doesn't, then he receives a life extension so he can execute another mission in Israel.

Victor nodded his head: So, I have a suggestion on how we can finish this operation and how the Bulgarians can have their pound of flesh. The Israelis will surely send airplanes in order to bring back the Israelis that would now be in a life-threatening situation. One of these airplanes gets hit while airborne via an act of terrorism to be carried out from inside the airplane, and we already have the right person willing to do this.

He pulled out a photo: the face of a blond air stewardess appeared in it.

Victor continued: her name is Maria Popova, she was a airline stewardess on a flight to Varna that became very famous under the nickname “the chocolate flight” throughout all media reports.

A couple of Israelis shouted at her and cursed her in an awful way because she didn't bring them a chocolate cake. She never got over that. 

By the way, “Dimitrios”, the Israeli lecturer, was also on that flight and he is the one that offered using her whenever the time is right.

Maria shall be on this flight and shall be presented in the future as a Bulgarian heroine, as someone who took advantage of the opportunity to avenge the Israelis she despises, for disrespecting her and betraying the entire Bulgarian nation.

During the flight she shall pull out an Uzi sub-machine gun (for sake of symbolism) and shoot to death at least some or most of the Israeli passengers…or at least this is how we're going to present this. She won't come out of there alive, of course, and will eventually be killed off by the airplane security personnel. By doing this we can achieve several objectives. The Bulgarians will win back their dignity through this act of vengeance and by killing off members of the community that hurt them. By this time, nobody will be paying any attention to the person truly responsible for this operation, so that he may proceed to his next mission in Israel. Assuming, of course, that we shall want this to happen.

Bortnikov was contemplating things and then he finally nodded his head: Proceed with the operation.   You have a tight deadline – this must be done during the week, since Turkey has been increasing its threats towards us. We now find it urgent for Bulgaria to progress to the next stage on the road to becoming an integral part of the Russian Federation and the spearhead in our struggle against Islam.

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