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The Bulgarian Fraud/Eli Eshed – “The Graphic Novel

Thanks to Nick Rosen

The Bulgarian Fraud/Eli Eshed – “The Graphic Novel

Lately, I've been working on this suspense and espionage novel – the plot is based on various real events and on current ones taking place at the moment in Russia and in East Europe and their implications, in all that concerns Israel.

The book will briefly describe a Russian conspiracy to takeover Bulgaria and Israel by using collaborators in both countries and which is exposed (or isn't/ you'll have to read the book in order to find out) to the world by an Israeli journalist.

The Novel will feature real characters, such as Vladimir Putin, Russia's President or the head of Bulgaria's Security Service (NRS/NIS)  and others (assuming, of course, that these people will stay in power until I finish writing the novel, otherwise I may definitely update it, in accordance with the latest relevant political developments).

A certain party had already expressed interest in turning this story into a film, but just how far ahead we'll progress with plan this is yet uncertain.

On second thought, why should this be just in the format of a prose novel? Why not turn it into a graphic novel – into a comic book, to go along with the written novel?

This way it could reach a lot more people and especially young people. As we all know, in Israel there are very few comic books that deal with things like espionage, suspense and politics, so in that sense this is going to be a groundbreaking event. Unfortunately, there are also very few comics illustrators with visual drawing capabilities that would be in accord with this specific kind of story.

One of the best and most eminent illustration artists is talented Vladik Sandler, with whom I've already cooperated in the past when he illustrated the stories in the book I've written for Uri Fink: “The Golem: The story of Israeli comics”. Since then he's illustrated some impressive stories, particularly “Halabja – the final battle”, which describes the chemical assault of Saddam Hussein's forces upon the Kurds.

vladic fat man

Vladik has already responded to my request and illustrated a charming poster describing the characters and giving us some sort of impression of what to expect in the novel.

The problem is recruiting capital. Such a graphic novel requires in-depth research in order to be able to specifically describe particular details in regards to Bulgaria and Russia etc., in all that concerns the writing and as far as the illustration goes – this is a very costly production. For me as a writer, as well as for Vladik as an illustrator . We shall have to recruit at least double the amount of money that has ever been recruited in the past for the publishing of any graphic novel, so we're going to need sponsors.

Later on we shall see if the project progresses to the stage of public fund-raising or crowd-funding. But if there's anyone out there willing to grant some financial support at this stage, he/she is very welcome to contact me. So, making a long story short:


Anyone contributing to the project will receive drawings/paintings signed by the artist, their name will be mentioned and anyone donating particularly high sums will have their name mentioned as a character contributing to the battle against the conspiracy. He/she shall help save the world..

See chapters from the prose  novel  on which the Graphic noves is based

Summary of the story

Other  chapter of the story :


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