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“The Bulgarian Fraud” Summary Of the thriller by Eli Eshed

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Painted by Vladik

Here is a summary of a thriller which I  now writes

thanks to Nick Rosen the translator

Summary of the book “The Bulgarian Fraud”

What started as the malicious deception of an Israeli journalist by his so called 'friend' in Bulgaria that promised him the world on a platter…while his money disappears without a trace…turns out to be not just one of the many usual fraud felonies in Bulgaria, but just the opening act of a diabolical scheme of shady factors against the Bulgarian Republic, as well as against the state of Israel…

One morning an Israeli citizen awakens, only to find out, to his great dismay, that the person he had considered to be his best friend – a lecturer with international acclaim all over Europe, as well as chairman of a company fighting against cyber-crime, a man well-connected throughout the Israeli intelligence and security networks, and even in the Israeli political system – is at the same time also a dubious businessman, a notorious international swindler leading a crime syndicate, as well as a spy, on behalf of the Russian Federation.

`Later on, as the plot, which includes psychological profile analyses of the felon, unfolds – the protagonist discovers that his so-called “friend” has links with corrupt police officials, and he's even backed up by connections in the Israeli government (Knesset). His political connection is a highly influential Knesset member from a right-wing party, a person he had intentionally befriended in Europe as a casino owner, in order to gradually lead to the demise of the story's protagonist.

It begins with the conning of a friend and ends with the possible demise of hundreds of thousands of people, when the only person standing in their way in in the way of the fat Israeli lecturer in Bulgaria is one Israeli journalist and a few Bulgarian State Security agents. .

Will they manage to prevent the success of this diabolical conspiracy, threatening the lives of millions?

The plot is partially based upon real events that took place over two continents.

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The book will be sold via an electronic online version and translated into English, French, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian.

Anyone wishing to read this book – chapter by chapter or the entire book – is invited to contact me.

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 Chapters from the story

Other  chapter of the story :


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