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Israeli super heroes

Dani Din , Sabra Man , Uri On , and Super Shlumper . A group  of Israeli super   heroes . picture by Avi Katz

This list includes most of the important heroes and super heroes connected to fantastic and heroic fiction of Israel . I decided to delete in this version such well known biblical heroes as Moses , David , Solomon , Elija the propet , Juda MacaBeus And Bar Cochva for various reasons though I included Samson becaouse of his relative importance to modern popular culture . However I included instead a hero of foregin writer, Ben Hur .
All the rest of the characters are the works of Israeli writers and integral parts of Israeli popular literature and culture. And they are unified via this writer original creations : the super herpoes characters of THE GOLEM and Lilith. Both of which had met all of those characters in their alternate reality .

:So on to the list

Historical heroes 


 A Biblical Hero with incredible strength , able to kill with his hands a lion and destroy a whole temple on his enemies the Philistines. He had starred in a book by Zeev Zabotinski which was made a movie of Cecil de Mill . He had also appeared in 2 Italian movies fight along side Hercules and Ulysses in one and Hercules Machista And Ursus in another one

.in comics stories he had met Superman. In Hebrew popular literature he was met by the “young detectives “ group ( see below) on a far earth like planet . Samson had also met the Golem and  Lilith whill they were on a time traveling mission. 
Yeuda Ben Hur .

 A Jewish hero at the time of empror Tiberius which had won a dangerous horse race against his Roman enemy and met Jesus. He is the hero if perennial best seller by lew Wallace and several famous movies including one with Cherlton Heston. In comics he had met time travelling super boy
.The book Had also “adapted” many times to Hebrew changing completely in the process , with every mention of Jesus and Christianity deleted from the book at every version and the hero becomes a Jewish avenger against the Romans contrary to the original American version. . 


 a super powerful hero of Italian movies about ancient Rome . he was also the hero of original, Israeli series of 76 pulp novels by various Israeli writers from 1964 to 1970 which had described the fantastic adventures of Machista in usually unspecified period of the Roman empire but once of empror Caligula ) against evil kings, monsters , giants wizards , and even aliens from  space
At the seventies there was a similar but much shorter lived series about the adventues of Greek hero Hercules , also Hebrew original . 




THE GALILEE RIDERS a picture by Amos Aricha



 This are a trio of fighters from the Galilee from the days before the first world war when Palestine was ruled by the Turks.they were 2 Jews of the SHOMER ( THE GUARDS ) organization which protected Jews in Palestine. They were Igal a expert shooter and Alexander an extraordinarily strong giant . they had joined forces with a Jewish Bedouin from Arabia Daud Ibn Yusuf . Togeder they had fought Arab slave raiders , Found the treasures of king Herod in Petra and had many other adventures in a book series by Amos Aricha from 1961-1963.
The Galilee riders also had adventure with the time travelling Golem and lilith with whom they search for a lost Jewish tribe of Chaibar at Arabia at the time of the first world war . 



covers by Arye Moskovitch

) heroes of a 14 books ( which had run from 1961 to 1994 ) series by Avner Carmeli ( Shraga Gafni) About the adventures of under ground organization peoples hyamaim at the time of the British mandat at Palestine at the 30s . The Yamaim fight both the British and the Arabs in the cause of Jewish freedom in Palestine. The main heroes of the series were Eitan Galon and Yosef Gilboa who are a brave and clever heroes and are under the command of Avraham Avidan the leader of the Yamaim. At the end of the series the Yamaim had send 2 young agents on a sucicide mission to kill Adolf Hitler. But the series was stopped before the story line was concluded so it is unknown if they had succeeded…. 


. David Tidhar .

 a privat detective . a real person which had becomes in the hero of series of imaginary pulp novels by writer Shlomo Ben Israel which described his imaginary amazing adventures against the crime world .in the stories he had fought demented criminals like the hangman from corfu.. some of those villains had fought letter the Golem .And Tidhar himself had helped the Golem several times .
.. Irmeyau Almog . A detective who was helper of Tidhar in real life and like him had imaginary series about his adventures against various criminals , this series had run from 1932 to 1962 and in the last story he had fought neo-nazis .He also had asissted the Golem regulary on various cases .

Secret agents

. Dan Tarzan.

The cover of "Dan Tarzan and the movie EXODUS"

 Dan Moked was an Israeli boy who crash landed in the African Jungle where he was reared by the granddaughter of Kala the she-ape which had previously raised Tarzan. He understood her language thanks to his previously reading the Tarzan books! Dan-Tarzan became a new Tarzan (who according to these stories "died many years ago") and eventually came to Israel where he worked as a mossad agent. He even caught Adolf Eichman and brought him to Israel! — a story which caused many comments in the Israeli newspapers of the times. In a sequel, he had to catch Eichman again, after the Nazi criminal escaped his prison to Egypt. Other stories in that series were just as fantastic as in the actual Hebrew Tarzan series, depicting voyages to another planet, his war on space invaders, his finding a lost city of ancient Hebrew warriors at the Dead Sea, saving the world from a monstrous under ground civilization, and fighting a superman who could control people like puppets He had appered in a pulp series :dan tarzan the Israeli 1960 -1961 AT “ by Amnon Shepak and d Zeev Galili
Recently at 2001 the last book to date in the famous Danidin series danidin bajungle ׂׂDANIDIN IN THE JUNGLE byShraga Gafni mentioned above dealt with the invensible boy going to Africa and meeting a Israeli Tarzan fan who leaves there like Tarzan under the name SHYRAN and fights the lion Numa .
2. Oz Yaoz





Oz Yaoz . a picture by Arye Moskovitch


Oz Yaoz is a Israeli secret agent in the secret service agency “R.N.R.9” .his boss is “the silent man” . Oz is always using a complex technological devices such us his special scooter full of special devices for attack and surveillance beside his special combat knife “marsell”.. Oz is a extraordinary good in hand to hand combat and has his own system of hand to hand combat .
His companion is an exceptionally brave school boy called Rafi Sardin . he has a girl friend , woman spy Rakefeth .
His enemies are : colonel Ramadan commander of the “black piramide “ the Egyptian secret service. General Sung commander of the china secret service. .
“the crocodiles of pharaoh “ a group of Egyptian terrorists, “the dancing terrorist “an international mercenary , Salim Chajida A PALESTINIAN TERORIST which had tried to bomb the Israeli atomic center ,the killers of American president kennedy which were sent by general sung ( and to kill soviet leader Chruschev as well , which was foiled by Oz ) and “killer Coan a super Chinese agent .
Oz yaoz originally appeared in a book series by Ido Seter ( Chezi Lupeban ) at 1963-1966
oz had fought along side the Golem and lilith aginst the suntanned German , a German neo nazi leader which had tried to create a “fourth Reich “ in a unified Europe .

. Patrick kim .

Patrick Kim a picture by Giora Rotman

A American Super secret agent . Patric is a giant half breed korean ( the other helf is Irish) who is one of the world strongest men as well as one of the most expert in Karate ( and has extraordinary sexual abilities). He is agent of the special section of the American secret service commanded by colonel Hardy a millioner .The special operation officer is Jon Riffley a invalid former special agent , Patrick karate teacher is the Wise professor Tanimoto , the world foremost Karate expert .Patrick ( called by friend and his thousends of girl friends simpli”PAT”) has many enemies most of them soviet and Chinese agents . of which one of the best known is the “RED SATAN “ A satanic former Nazi cult leader .
He had appeared in more then 300 Israeli pulp novels by writers such as Gilad Morag and Amose Aricha and Asher Dori in the years 1964-1984.
Patrick Kim had joined forces several times with Israeli agent Oz Yaoz and with the Golem and lilit aginst various enemies which had threatened world peace.

Sport heroes



rafi zure picture by Aharon Abadi

. Rafi Zure is the world greatest all around sports and atletics man . He is s young scientist at the Einstein institute at new york and in his past a brave soldier at the sinai war of 1956 . He is taking part in a extraordinary sport competition willed by American millionaire of 52 different sports matches in which the winner in 40 matches at least will win 50 million $ beside 100 000 $ for wining the match himself . Zur who is the world greatest atlet wine most of the various matches in short and marathon running, mountain climbing , as a leader of football and basket ball groups , in riding bicycles matches , in boxing , in diving in car driving and many more sports . those despite attempts of Egyptian spies American gangsters and neo nazis to kill him on each stage.
Rafi zure had appeared in a pulp series by writer and artist Aharon Abadi at the end of the 50s
RAFI ZURE had helped the Golem and Lilith on various missions with his scientific expertise and his sportsman abilities.
Hebrew article and pictures of Rafi Zur are here :


The Young Sportsmen . A picture by Arye Moskovitch.

Alon levi is the world greatest football player and Rafi Givon his friend is the world greatest football doorkeeper even though they are bot only 16 year old. They both ( along side girl friends Ranana and Shua ) brought the Israeli football group to world championship at the Tokyo world games of 1963 . despite attempts of Arab spies ,criminals and managers of enemy football groups ( particularly Yugoslavia) to stop or kill them on the way to championship.
This in a nine book series by Avner Carmeli ( Shraga Gafni ) which was drawn by Arye MOSKOVITZ AT 1960-1963
Both heroes had returned for a 7 books series continuation at the 70s 80s and the 90s this time as older men and coaches of younger players . and again fought Palestinian terrorists and enemy sport groups.
The young sportsmen were helped by the Golem and lilith while attaked by Arab agents on their way to Tokyo at the 60s .

Army heroes


. Heroes of  A book series by Avner Carmeli from 1971-1973.
The special patrol is a group of extraordinary brave and skilful Israeli army fighters who are going on special missions for the Israeli army against the Arab armies before and on the eve of the 1967 six days war . their commander is “Mano “Amnon Tirosh . among other things They had stolen from the Egyptians an Advanced Soviet migs planes and destroyed atomic weapons at Egypt which were planned to use against Israel at war,.
The special patrol had worked in various times and missions against the Arabs with the Golem and Lilit despite the somewhat chavenistic attitude of their commander who didn’t like working with a woman. Even a super powered one.





 Gidi was an Israeli youth at the time of the War of Independence who had super powers as a result of eating carrots, and with these powers he battled the British and the Arabs during the .Israeli War of Independence in 1948 and the Eqyptian army during the 1956 war.

His  adventures were published in the 1950s in HAARETZ SHELANU and were written by Yaacov Ashman and drown by Elisheva Nadal .

Dani Din the Invisible Boy

dani-Din gained  his powers after he accidentally drank the violet water, an invention of genius Professor Katro designed to turn the user invisible. Subsequent to this both the Israeli secret service and the army used his powers against the Arab forces which fought Israel during the Six Days War. Since then he has battled a large variety of threats, from the mundane (terrorists and pirates) to the fantastic (aliens). “ this series by writer On Sarig ( shraga Gafni ) running from 1961 and totaling 29 volumes to date is a part of the collective memory of most Israelis the way "Superman" is for Americans.in letter times he was assisted by Dina Din his cousin of Like her cousin, she had also drank the "violet water", an invention of the genius Professor Katros
Dani din had fought togeder with the Golem AND Lilith against the Arabs and particularry Egyptian leader Nasser on several occasions .
Yoav ben chalav

was a super-powerful hero of comic-strip advertisements for milk drinking. With time, these strips became quite intricate adventure stories. Yoav was a boy who got his powers from drinking milk, and used these powers to fight criminals, terrorists, and an evil wizard. Eventually he even reached another planet and fought with the residents there

Yoav ben chalav returned in the 70s with a difrrent look and artist and his adventures were far less fantastic ( and intrensting ) then in the 60s. and he had returned again at the ninties in the series YOVAV BEN YOAV BEN CHALAV: DOR AEMSECH (YOVAV SON OF YOAV SON OF CHALAV: THE NEXT GENERATION ) BY ITAI RAICHER AND UDI SHAPIRA AND DRAWN BY YUVAL RUBICHECK. A SERIES which had appeared in ITON ARUTZ AYELADIM nos 11-30 at 1998-2000.
it is about the older Yoav ben chalav who is now married ( he was a boy in the earlier stories ) and his son Yovav who also have super powers after drinking milk ,but in contrast to Yoav does not interest in fighting aliens and wizards and criminals and saving the world just in helping himself going through school safely and getting the attentions of the beautiful girl in school.

 1965 . Appeared at

   Like his friend yoav ben Chalav he got super powers from milk but of a special kind had adventures in the African Jungle and in the circus. 

Asa .

 Asa is a Israeli boy who was taken to the planet Venus by the human looking inhabitants of Venus one of them was girl which had loved him. Asa had visited various planets ,and when he was returned to earth ,the venusians gave him various devices with which Asa had fought criminals on Earth . eventually he returned the devices to the venusians as both criminals and the police tried to get them from him.
Asa appeared in the long comics story Meliselda by comics writer Pinchas Sade and artist Giora Rotman at 1971in magazine AARETZ SHELANU ,IT WAS one of the longest Israeli comics story ever.





Created by Uri Fink when the artist was only 15, back in 1978. The character was not a massive success, but did manage to get published for a while in the Israeli English-language newspaper, "The Jerusalem Post", as well as his own, short-lived, comic
Sabraman can shoot radioactive rays from his eyes (strong enough to penetrate 15 cm thick titanium), can fly fast enough to cross an ocean in a split-second, and surround himself with a magnetic force field that prevents anyone from attacking him. He is strong enough to bend metal with ease, and can teleport.
Sabraman was given his super powers by the superagency of Israel. In 1975 that agency implanted atomic rod in the chests of 28 super agents, giving each one powers far beyond normal men. The 18th agent to undergo the procedure was Dan Bar On, a former policeman who was a holocaust survivor and had fought in the 1956 war, the Six Day War and the Yom Kipur War of 1973. When they implanted the rod in him, the vast powers of the rod were unleashed and there was an explosion which destroyed the entire laboratory. Fifteen people were killed in that explosion, but Bar-On himself survived with the rod still inside him. It was later found that he had developed powers greater than any of his counterparts. Dubbed Sabraman, he fought villains such as the Nazi scientist Dr.Mengele, and became a hero of Israel.
Dan bar –on has a counter part in alternate univers of “Profil 107” graphic novel by fink This incarnation has a slightly different origin from his doppelganger – though in his world the governments are creating super soldiers with scientific means, he himself has his super powers "naturally" and with no real explanation, marking him as a kind of mutant. He can among other things fly.
Uri On


A Super powerful israeli soldier Uri ben david . Able to see to greater distances than ordinary humans. Able to leap to incredible heights. Uri was given his powers by a secret Israeli scientific agency at the Israeli Negev. A former soldier, they used a special machine to grant these super powers to use against aliens which threatened the Earth.letter he had fought the Scorpion Man a monsterous mutant; and an underwater race which sells drugs to humans as part of their plan to conquer humanity.
The symbol on his chest represents a Jewish temple lamp
He was Created in a special series by Michael Netzer.


A Funny but brave and resourceful little super hero , created by Uri Fink
Super Shlumper was a failed attempt by a being named Brainstorma to create a galactic defender and was subsequently thrown away by her. He was found near The Dead Sea by Israeli soliders in the year 1968. The army wanted to use him as a weapon but Yossi Shwartz, an Israeli solider, pitied the baby and gave him to HaKoakh HaMaggen, who adopted him. After fighting against another of Brainstorma’s failed experiments (who was evil and violent) SS gained a cosmic awareness and became the galactic defender he was meant to be. His archenemy is Darklun. There used to be 5 Darkluns, but they were merged to one (that isn’t as strong as the five together).
CHUKUMUKUS The TERRIBLE . A comics hero OF URI FINK appeared in the book COSMIKS AT 1996. Chukumukus is a super villian who can fly which finds himself in contemporary Earth a world without super heroes , the fighting of whom is the sole reason for his existence . chukumukus spent the whole of the short series searching for super heroes to fight with. He had found
Space hero THE BLUE SPACE ROVER and a group of four fantastic four like super heroes from parallel world to fight.

Genral super character

Yeoyakim Cook .

 a mysterious super technological “magician “ who can look with his technologies both to the past to the future and into alternate realities and to intervene to save peoples. Mr. Cook works as preventore of road accidents and is part of a mysterious organization whose commander looks just like him. He had worked in Israel at the middle of the 70s and helped 2 children Yoav and Hagar as well the adults Gutman and Herzel . he Had gone from there to the south seas .his adventures were cronicled in the t.v series THE MAGICK DOOR (1974)
More on that in Hebrew
More on that



Heroin of a book series by Bari Prigat. Milimeter is a small girl however thanks to a Magick ring

 which she had stolen from evil scientist Dr. Liliput she can frize time as she wish and then she has a great physical power . with this super power Milimeter had stopped time after time various evil plots against the world of Liliput and his robots Frank and Stein as well the attacks of evil children from her class . to date there are nine books in this series which had begun at 1999 and at least 3 more are planned




CHASANBA A picture cover by Samuel Katz

 a cover picure bu Giora Rotman

 the title of a 2 groups of heroic and superior children which had fought for the security of Israel and against the crime world for many years in a 44 issue series of pulp novels from 1949 to 1994 in a series by Igall Mosinzon .
the first group which was commanded by Yarn Zehavi included such members as his second in command THE GIRL Tamar , Eud the fat and Uzi the skinny , the group had fought various dangers to state of Israel foremost among them was “THE MAN IN THE BLACK MASK “ former nazi comes spy and terrorist “von bilov “ and the criminal elimelech Zorkin . .
With 17 book in the series when all those children had becomes adult some of them in the Israeli army and secret service , there was created a second group
which had got order from the adult Yaron Zeavi  ( now special operation commander in the army ) . the group leader was Yoav Zur and other members included Shraga the fat  who was particularly brave as well the son of yaron and Tamar , Uri . their enemies were various crime groups s well as Arab spys and terrorist which had threatened Israel with various fiendish plots  they even tried to kill  Iraqi leader  Sadam Hussein at the 1991 war ( at thee same time co patriot hero Dani din was fighting him in his palace). .
The Chsamba group had collebrated with the Golem and lilit aginst the terorist group THE YELOW SCORPION which planed to bomb various israeli cities with small atomic bombs and to kill the Israeli prime minister.
Chasamba was made to films plays and even to a musical . 


A young detectives book covers by Arye Noskovitz .

heroes of 12 books series of Avner carmeli .which had run from 1953-1961 .  The young detectives are  a group of four superior children ,Eli , Chana , Shosh and  Phinchas which solves various  mysteries and defends Israelfrom her enemies . Among other things they got out to space and visited various worlds. Collaborated with Jungle man Tarzan against Arabs slavers and Egyptians spies , had saved actor Dani Key from kidnappers , had fought personally Egyptian leader Nasser as well terrorist leader “ THE BLACK WING “ and such  .
the young detectives had also fought a anarchist “ecological” organization whose purpose was to return all humans back in evolution scale to the level of the apes . they had eventually defeated this fiendish organization with the help of the golem and lilit.


Chipopo and his cousin Kofiko




Ape detective Chipopo

Chipopo is a talking super intelligent chimpanzee from the planet of the apes . he had come to Earth alongside with his cousine Kofiko via a the space ship of time travelling alien kid Spacy . after a stay in Africa they both found themselves in Israel . But Chipopo is continuing to travel in the world working as a ape detective and using his cleverness in helping children in various countries . Kofiko stayes in Israel at the city of petach tikva the birnshtein lazar family house ( which includes mother Tamar . huzbend Shlomke and their childrens and dogs) along side with Magic a virtual boy from the computer world.
Chipopo like kofiko and the rest is the hero of long running book series by Tamar Bornshtein lazar drown by Areye Moskovitz.
A Version of chipopo had collebrated in various detective cases with the Golem and lilite aginest various super criminals such as Tukides ( see below) ..
Pictures of Chipopo in english

The english site of Tamar Birnstein Lazar 

.Azit the super she dog .

Azit et Enttebe . a book cover by Samuel Katz .

Azit is an extremli intelligent she dog ( who also is a parachauter ) which had assisted The Israeli army in various cases, from finding missing persons in the desert and stopping terrorists to spying at Egyptian leader Nasser home in Egypt and stopping his plans to war,. Azit had also taken part at the Israeli raid on Entebbe at Uganda at 1976 to save Israeli hostages from Terrorists. She had also meet the golem and lilit on several occasions and assisted them .Azit appeared originally in a four books series by Israeli army commander Mota Gur as well in a play and a movie, .


a intelligent talking parrot ,the grand son of Polynesia the parrot of doctor Dulittle . Tukides had come from Africa to Israel where he had lived in Tel Aviv . there he was a busy abusing the neighbors. Eventually Tukides left Israel to a tour in Europe . from there He had returned to Israel as a arch criminal and one of the big bosses of Israeli organized crime .. today he is the enemy of detective ape Chipopo and fought him and the golem and lilit on several occasions., Tukides HAD ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN A BOOK SERIES BY IDO SETTER ( PEN NMAE OF CHEZZI LUPBAN ) IN 1963-1966.



a Hebrew super heroes.    created in a  book  by Eli Eshed and Uri Fink  describe the history of  a super hero  series since the 1940 when it was drawn by young comics artist , Jack Kirby ( Jacob Kurtzberg in that reality) which had immigrated in that alternate univers to Palestine like many other Jews till the year 2003 ,and it Describe and bring “examples” from many comics stories in which the Golem is collaborating with various real well known Israeli personalities such as Izchak Rabin , Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon as well as imaginary ones such as the Jungle king Tarzan in Africa ( In finding the ten lost tribes of Israel in Africa and in fighting african leader Idi Amin at 1976 at the case of the Entebbe Israeli raid to free Israelli hostages. the golem great enemy is the Arab demon from the lamp THE JINE ( see in the clipe) .


His fellow super heroin is LILIT was kidnapped as a child by the alien Pinks. He gave her super powers with his demented experiments and brainwashed her into serving him. Later, when he clashed with the heroic Gloom, Lilith came to realize she should be helping the hero, not the villain. Since then she has become the Golem's inseparable partner. She is not however romantically involved with him, especially as his real identity is still only a child
other enemies are : the Canaanite god RESHEF, the demon ASMEDAY , the hangman from Corfu a arch criminal , the black Nazi, Pinkus the evil conqueror from another planet , the vampir from transilvania , the blue giant , and the group of mutants "the invincibles " .
: he had fought togedher in various cases along side Tarzan the Jungle man as well time travelling to periods like The greek times where he had mete Hercules and Roman times were he had fought with machista . to the 17 century were he had met pirate fighter Captain Blade and the wild west where he teemed up with peoples like marshal Bill Carter and ranger Buck Jones ( all heroes of various Israeli adventures series ).

the Golem and lilit had also collaborated with most or all of the Israeli and Hebrew heroes of all times such us his fellow famous super hero Danidin the invesible boy from famous book series with that name
more on the Golem in English

Today the Golem and Lilit appeare in a daily stripe in English wich cronicles their continuing

adventures today

the golem english stripe .

Related foregine heroes



Tarzan meets the Golem . A picture by Uri Fink


Tarzan had visited Israel several times and assisted her agents as well the children group The young detectives .
The Golem had met Tarzan at least twice ( and probably on several other occasions as well ) : while finding the ten lost tribes of Israel in Africa, and while fighting the African leader Idi Amin in

the 1976 Entebbe raid to free Israeli hostages.


.more on Israeli super heroes in english

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more on israeli science fiction

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