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In 2003 Modan Press published a book by Eli Eshed ( this writer ) which had won the 2002

 citation as the “Israeli writer of the year “ for his history of Israeli popular literature and comics FROM TARZAN TO ZBENG ( published by BAVEL , 2002) and TARZAN IN THE HOLY LAND and by the leading and best known Israeli comics artist Uri Fink. The book THE GOLEM :A STORY OF AN ISRAELI COMICBOOK is
about the history of a comics series in an alternative state of Israel, Israel in which there has been a fully developed and flourishingcomics industry since the 40s as a result of the success of this particular series. The series and the book are called THE GOLEM. The Golem   is the ultimate Hebrew super-hero and work along side a beatiful woman super heroin Lilith.

The book describes the history of the series since the 1940s, when it was drawn by the young comics artist , Jack Kirby ( Jacob Kurtzberg in that alternative reality) who had immigrated to Palestine like so many other Jews. It offers “examples” from many comic-strips, in which the Golem collaborates with various real Israeli personalities, such as Itzhak Rabin , Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon, as well as with fictional characters, such as the Tarzan the Jungle King in Africa and  a versions of well known Israeli fictional heroes such as Dani Din the invisible boy as well as many others   ..

Specifically for the book, there have been created by master animator Gil Biderrman a song and a movie clip with limited  animation sang by award wining artist Yasmin Even about the Golem’s adventures. Both are supposedly made in the 70s and imitate the style of that time.
Though imaginary, the book is based on real events and personalities in the world of Hebrew popular culture, people such as Pinchas Sade, Asher Dickstein, and Etgar keret  who are presented as writers and artists of the series in the alternative universe. The “Golem artwork” in their styles was produced by Uri Fink . The book has been very successful in Israel and has become something of a cult book and was called by leading Israeli literary critic Menachem Ben “ a master work of Israeli mythology “and by screen writer and producer Alon Rozenblum " A must have book in every home" "

  . It is the last word on the subject of the super-hero in Israeli popular culture


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